Monday 8 June 2009

Back to work

Last week Don and Anna returned from 4 weeks holiday in New Zealand. We hit the ground running and have enjoyed getting back to work.

Don has been busy filming the Tour Series in Woking and Peterborough as well as flying over to Lake Geneva for the day to film part of a CNN Mainsail episode with APP's Richard Simmonds and presenter Shirley Robinson.

Sunday 7 June 2009

The Last Duel

During the English winter we at Sweet Pictures decided to produce a short film. On the rafters of our local pub in Englefield Green is the story of the last fatal duel in England. After a few pints and much deliberation we set out to script, cast, and shoot this unique and compelling story.

Thanks very much to the many people who volunteered their time and talents to assist us in a very successful shoot.

Don directed the film while Anna produced it. We shot the film on a RED and the film is now in post production. We hope to have it finished in late July.