Thursday 1 December 2011

3D Production

Sweet 3D has been busy with a 4 week long 3D shoot on our new Panasonic 3D camera.
With the details of the shoot still under wraps we can't publish any production information but here are some photos of the team on location.

UEFA Aerials

With the 2012 Euros on their way, UEFA sent Don out to Eastern Europe to produce aerial footage of the host cities and their stadiums.

The aerials were filmed on a cineflex owned and operated by ACS (Aerial Camera Systems).

The production coordinator on location was Sylviane and the pilot was Louis, both from Heliandco in Belgium. The 3 week shoot went without any major problems and UEFA were satisfied with the result.

'once again, we're really happy with what has been filmed'.  Alex Ingham, Producer, UEFA

Warsaw Stadium.