Tuesday 24 August 2010

The Last Duel Private Screening

The week Sweet Pictures held a private screening of our short film, The Last Duel, for the Englefield Green community.

About 40 people came to watch the film and it was very well received. Local historian Chris Rowley requested a copy of the film for the Egham Museum and also offered to put us in touch with the Great Great Granddaughter of Cournet (one of the main characters in the film).


Anna catching up with Michael Dacre, who played Cournet in the film.

Don chatting to Chris Rowley. Local historian and author of the book "The Last Duel".

Thanks to the Village Centre for having us in their newly renovated hall.

Sunday 22 August 2010

"The Tell"

Several months ago Sweet Pictures helped produce a short film called "The Tell" for a competition called Straight 8.

Directed by Kieran Humphries, the film made it through to the official selection for the Straight 8 festival. The film was shot on one roll of super8 film and could not be edited in any way. The sound track was added 5 days after the film was shot and both the film and sound track were delivered to be judged alongside 250 other films.

We now have a copy of the film and you can see it HERE!

Sunday 15 August 2010

The Great Tour

Sweet Pictures has been working for The Great Tour to produce daily content for their blog... It was a tough job but involved cycling some of the most spectacular coastline the UK has to offer. 

Check out one of the videos Sweet Pictures produced - HERE