Tuesday 28 June 2011

Sweet New Video for 'I Am Giant'

Sweet Pictures has been busy directing and producing the latest music video for rock band I Am Giant.

The video was shot on 2 Canon 5D's with Jon Hill as the director of photography and Max Friswell was the director of photography on 2nd unit.

Their rushes were cleverly cut together by Kieran Humphries, who has put in some long hours on the edit.

Alongside I Am Giant, the video starred Lucy Drive and was shot in an old church in Paddington, London.

Make Up - Nikki Springall and Leila
Lighting Assist - Leon Menzies
Camera Assist -  Andy Smith
Production Assist - Kieran Hall

I Am Giant performing.

Lucy Drive

Production assistant Kieran Hall helping out by doubling as an extra.

Director Don Rutherford working the clapper board.

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